Advanced Digital Marketing Training

Advanced Digital Marketing Training

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Course Features

Course Syllabus

Fundamental of Digital Marketing

Introduction to Online Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing

How Does Internet Marketing Work

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

The Significance of Online Marketing in Real World

Increasing Visibility

Visitors’ Engagement

Bringing Targeted Traffic

Lead Generation

Converting Leads

Performance Evaluation

Trend and Keyword Research

Market Research

Keyword Research and Analysis

SWOT Analysis of a Website

Information Keyword

Navigation Keyword

Transaction Keyword

LSI Keywords

Tools Used for Keyword Research

Localized Keyword Research

Competitor Website Analysis

Choosing Right Keywords to the Project

Google Algorithms and Update

Panda Algorithm

Penguin Algorithm

Hummingbird Algorithm

Pirate Algorithm

Rankbrain Algorithm

Fred Algorithm

Bert Algorithm

Broadcore Algorithm Update

Content Marketing

Introduction to Blogging

Setting Up Your Own Blog

Create Blog Content

The Importance of SEOs

Content Curation & The Art of Content Planning

Creating a Compelling Personality for Your Content

Building Website using CMS

Web Platform

Landing Pages

Keyword Mapping

Understand the Architecture of Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Fundamentals & Concepts

How Does Search Engine Work

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

On-Page Optimization

Domain and hosting

Meta Title Optimization

Meta Description Optimization

URL Optimization

Internal and External Linking

301 Redirection

404 Error Pages

Canonical Implementation

H1, H2, H3 Tags Optimization

Image Optimization

Optimize SEO Content

Check for Copyscape Content

Landing Page Optimization

No-Follow and Do-Follow

Indexing and Caching

Creating XML Sitemap

Creating Robot.Txt

HTML Validation Using W3C

Bounce Rate


Technical SEO

URL Structure and Length

Analysis of Page Speed

301 Redirects

Robots. TXT

Internal Linking (High Priority to Low Priority)


Essential Schemas to Implement


Off-Page Optimization

Link Building Tips & Techniques

Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

Alexa Rank, Domain, Authority, Backlinks

Do’s & Don’ts in Link Building

Directory Submission

Social Bookmarking Submission

Search Engine Submission

Article Submission

Press Release Submission

Forum Submission

PPT Submission

PDF Submission

Classified Submission

Blog Commenting

Guest Blogging


Google My Business

Google Places Optimization

NAP (Name, Address, Place)


Artificial Intelligence Keywords (AI)

Business Listing

Google Ads

Introduction to Online Advertising and Ads

Ads Account and Campaign Basics

Ads Targeting and Placement

Ads Bidding and Budgeting

Ads Tools


Optimizing Performance

Ads Types

UTM Generation

Bidding Strategies


Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking


Mobile Marketing

Fundaments of Mobile Marketing

Importance of Mobile Marketing in the Current Scenario

Forms of Mobile Marketing

Geo-Targeting Campaigns for Mobile Users

Measuring and Managing Campaign

App & Web Mobile Advertising

Content Promotion

Mobile Targeting and Segmentation

SMS Marketing

Google Analytics

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Navigating Google Analytics

Real-Time Analytics





Traffic Sources

Top Performing Pages


Goals & E-Commerce

Search Console

URL Inspection


Desktop Coverage

Mobile Coverage


Page Experience

Security Issues

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Introduction to Social Media Networks

Types of Social Media Websites

Social Media Optimization Concepts

Hashtags and Mentions

Image Optimization and Networking

Micro Blogs for Businesses

Social Media Algorithm

Facebook Optimization

Community Page Vs Profile Vs Group

Creating Facebook Page for Business

Increasing Followers and Doing Marketing

Connecting Apps With Pages

Facebook Analytics

Using Third Party Applications on Facebook

Event Optimization

Offer Optimization

Competitor Analysis

Target Audience Finding

Strengthen Your Brand

Get More Visibility Online

Instagram Optimization

Business Account Creation

Hashtags Research

Instagram Tracker

Create Story and Decide on a Visual Theme

Create Content

Nurture a Following

Engage with Your Followers

Watch it Growth

Twitter Optimization

Introduction to Twitter

Creating Strong Profiles on Twitter

Followers, Retweets, Clicks

Competitor Analysis

Twitter Analytics

Hashtag Tools

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Introduction

Individual Profile Vs. Company Page

Write an Article

Audience Group Finding

LinkedIn Analytics

Pinterest Optimization

Pinterest Introduction

How Brands Use Pinterest

Creating a Pinterest Account

Customizing the Profile

Pinterest Strategy

Boards in Pinterest

Pins and Links

Generating Engagements

Using Infographics

Integrating Pinterest in Site

Engagement Metrics for Pins

Pinterest Analytics

YouTube Optimization

YouTube SEO

YouTube Keyword Research

Channel Optimization Tools

Channel Creation

Channel Art Optimization

Channel Icon Optimization

Channel Homepage Optimization

Channel Intro Video Optimization

Playlist Video Optimization

Playlist Title Optimization

Video Creation and Optimization

Video Ranking Optimization

YouTube Studio

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Understanding Buyer Persona

How Social Media Influences Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing

Boost Post Vs Promote

Types of Promotions

Audience Targeting

Bidding Strategies

Ad Formats

Ad Dimensions and Rules

Remarketing Strategy (Pixel)

Conversion Tracking (Pixel)

Ads Manager

Lead Generation

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Business Profile Optimization

Instagram Marketing Influencer

Instagram Paid Marketing in Feeds and Stories

Business Account Promotion

Bidding Strategy

Budgeting Strategy

Creation of Instagram Content Strategy

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Ads Analytics

Types of Campaigns

Audience Targeting

Bidding Strategies


LinkedIn Marketing

Creating Company Page

Types of Campaigns

Audience Targeting

Bidding Strategies

Advertising in LinkedIn


YouTube Marketing

Importance of Video Marketing

Understanding Video Campaigns

Types of YouTube Ads

Developing YouTube Marketing Strategies

Video Ad Groups

Targeting Options

Understanding Bid Strategies

Bringing Visitors to Your Website Through YouTube Videos

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Manage Negative Business Reviews

Online Reputation Works for Business and Individuals

Creating and Optimizing Positive Online Content to Eliminate Negative Reviews

How to Negative Reviews on Various Platforms

How to Create a Brand Management Strategies

How to Get Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Recognizing Potential Risks

Brand Monitoring Tools


Email Marketing

Getting to Know About the Functioning of Email Marketing

Various Kinds of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies

Mail Campaign Optimization

Mail Template Creation

Setting Up of Account for Email Marketing

List Setup

Web Form

Creation of Email Broadcast

Setting Up of Auto Responder

Optimize the Increase Inbox Percentage

Affiliate Marketing

Getting to Know About the Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Planning

Familiar With Affiliate Programs

Legal Policies

Obtaining Approval

Tracking the Affiliation Codes

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